#dse2010 – Public Spaces Systems Integrator

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

In order to provide failsafe communications to some of Canada’s most important businesses, Mississauga, Ontario-based Dymax Inc., public spaces systems integrator, is using the SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media Player to display emergency text as part of an advanced conferencing, public address and voice evacuation system.

“Already in use at a large number of sites today, our integrated systems are designed according to Canadian standards for emergency voice evacuation and fire alarm systems,” says Rick Kuris, managing director at Dymax. “In keeping in with these standards, the SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media Player is seamlessly integrated with the Bosch Praesideo voice evacuation and public address systems. The product has tremendous potential in the fire and safety market as it allows the display of emergency video or text alongside audio, even within a specific area.”

The compact HMP100 Hyper Media Player uses open software standards that meet the growing demand for affordable and targeted messaging, and enables users to provide custom displays for specific building areas. It offers a cost-effective, dedicated and stand-alone alternative to traditional PC-based video to deliver content. It’s based on the Scalable Vector Graphics platform and can mix streaming video, encoded video or images and audio file formats with other dynamic information such as RSS or XML. Further, the unit is pocket size, weighs just 190 grams (6.07 oz.) and uses 5V DC in power.

“Having our Hyper Media Player used in this way is testament to the innovation of our product in providing failsafe messaging,” says Serge Konter, marketing manager at SpinetiX, Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Everyone is telling us that digital signage is for everyone but you’ll find that the SpinetiX HMP100 Hyper Media Player is one of very few that can be used for mass notification,” says Kuris. “There’s substantial value in selecting SpinetiX which allows our partners and users to get terrific return on investment whilst at the same time keeping Canadian’s businesses safe and sound.”

Founded in 1977, Dymax Group of companies: Sound Dymax, BrashLive and Dymax Laser Technologies, has more than 800 installations of its products worldwide.

SpinetiX will show its award winning HMP10 Hyper Media Player in a variety of configurations on Booth 1638 at DSE this week.

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