Monster Media

Chris Sheldrake


Clearing out the memory cards in our phones and cameras – it’s called Backing Up, Ed before heading off to New York next week we found this picture that we took on one of the Las Vegas monorail stations.

It’s a shot taken upwards at the ‘guts’ of one of the numerous Monster Media installs on The Strip.

We particularly liked the interactive floor projections – particularly the fish!

About Monster Media

Monster Media is advancing the standards of consumer engagement by providing interactive displays that tell a story for your brand, connecting companies with their target audience.

The key to Monster Media’s proven success is our ability to create dynamic, engaging programs in a variety of formats for almost any kind of environment. These products, combined with our outstanding design capabilities, allow clients to both physically and emotionally connect with consumers and leave a positive, long-lasting impression.

Monster Media is at the forefront of the digital media revolution with our flagship interactive product, MonsterVision, capable of delivering Interactive Storefronts, Interactive Window Advertisements, Interactive Projected Advertisements, and more. Our patented MonsterVision systems create dynamic interactive displays in high-traffic areas that engage and captivate consumers.

All of our MonsterVision applications – WindowFX, WallFX, ScreenFX and GroundFX – allow people to directly interact with large projected ads using only their body movements. These highly effective ads can also be changed remotely, allowing our clients to target specific audiences at different times of the day or by individual markets. MonsterVision systems are attracting large audiences at venues and out-of-home locations across the country and allowing consumers to immerse themselves in a company’s brand message.

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