#dse2010 – The Gossip

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As Oscar Wilde said “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”.

Ever the eternal optimist, Rob Gorrie from Adcentricity kindly gave me this badge (shown to the right here) which I was ordered to wear at all times which said “What Happens At DSE Stays At DSE” – umm … of course it does 😉

Anyway in no particular order here are some of the juiciest things we heard last week in Vegas…

  • BroadSIgn has had more suitors recently than Kim Kardashian but news of its latest (crush) was somewhat of a surprise. Seems that the yodeling fellows in pursuit might be serious and might actually have money (I guess that’s one way to get into our #DSTop10)
  • Rick Engels (ex-BroadSign CEO of course) and now at Rudder Capital has some form of JV with Rollouts Inc.
  • 3D Eye Solutions is putting in two signs at the Nassau Coliseum in New York AND already having done the Michael Jackson 3D ‘Earth Song’ at the Grammys, is now trying to make further deals with movie studios.
  • Ken Goldberg was (unreasonably we think) treated like a pariah by some members of the DSA for joining the DSF. Trust us, his intentions are honourable. Be nice everyone.
  • Keith Kelsen couldn’t seem to utter a word in public without also adding the line “did you know I had a book coming out?”. At the DSA meeting, even his ex-MediaTile colleagues looked like they were recoiling in horror every time he went to say anything.
  • NEC Display Solution folks were shooting their mouths off about their big win (see here) which only turned out to be McDonalds! It’s corporate funded and it’s for all of their McCafes (wow).
  • Ribson Company Inc., content providers based in Pompano Beach are allegedly moving into the installed networks business.
  • One attendee was rushed to a Vegas emergency room after nearly losing some fingers. He decided to inspect a vent fan assembly at Display Devices Booth allegedly.
  • If there really was a USD 1,000 fine levied by the LVCC for anyone caught using an unofficial / unlicensed wireless router then there were at least a dozen brave souls that we saw using 3G/Gg wireless routers on their stands
  • At the end of the show; EnQii, CoolSign and Wireless Ronin all refused to sign up, there and then for next year’s show (lawyers please note that does NOT mean that they will not sign up)

And we will leave you with a quote from Sir WInston Churchill “There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true”

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  1. Nurlan Urazbaev, BroadSign Says:

    Adrian, it was nice seeing you at the show. BroadSign signed up for the DSE 2011 then and there. I came to my space-picking appointment at 11:35 am on Wednesday and selected both the space and the sponsorship (Conference, as usual). I also dropped by the DSE booth at the end of Thursday and saw for myself that the 2011 show floor was booked solid at at least 95%. Cheers, Nurlan Urazbaev

  2. RedPost / Blog Says:

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