Broadsign Did NOT Buy Navori

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Okay, so on Saturday we told you that we were surprised that Broadsign, normally so good and spot-on with their PR (especially recently), hadn’t made more of the fact, quote “Broadsign, the new owners of Swiss firm Navori, haven’t made more of the fact that Navori’s Tycoon software is powering the recently announced idklic deployed Mercedes-Benz network in Belgium and Luxembourg”

Now, on Monday morning, we are NOT so surprised as several people told us that BroadSign did NOT acquire Navori at all!

Indeed, subsequent investigations have found that one of Broadsign’s biggest customers only learnt of this news last week as well!

Acccording to one source “negotiations broke up a few weeks following the publishing of the initial press release”

The initial press release (attached as a PDF) and can be seen here on REUTERS as well was initially published on 5th February 2008 – looks like somone at Broadsign was in a rush to get an announcement out before the ink was dry on the deal – the date of the press release and ScreenExpo Europe which of course opened on 5th Feb 2008 is probably no coincidence.

Expect another announcement shortly then 😉

Broadsign Acquires Navori Press Release 5th Feb 2008

2 Responses to “Broadsign Did NOT Buy Navori”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    But we seen navori management with broadsign in Las Vegas during DSE and it was more than 1 week after announcement…

  2. Aaron Says:

    There was no surprise. NAVORI had several proposal on the table. They were comparing and in discussion with several investors when Broadsign published and made their announcement for advertisement right before the LAS Vegas Tradeshow. If you check NAVORI Accounts online, you will see that the SWISS company is profitable since more many years and in very good health. We cannot say the same of most of the companies in this business:-). We should see published a “real announcement” from NAVORI in the next weeks with REAL INVESTORS…

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