#dse2010 – How Far Did Our Tweets Travel?

Chris Sheldrake

As you know we believe that analysing the usage of the twitter hashtag allows one to make some basic assumptions about how much buzz a show has created. It’s certainly easy using our method to track who was (mainly) responsible for said buzz.

Anyway, like we did with #ISE2010 here are the results of the statistics below compiled up to 1st March 2010 for the hashtag #dse2010 …

  • No. of references made by ANYONE that mention #dse2010: 1210
  • No. of references made by DailyDOOH’s Twitter account that mention #dse2010: 80
  • No. of times that DailyDOOH was RT’ed when it, itself had mentioned #dse2010: 17

The top ten Twitterers (‘Name’ followed by ‘Number of Tweets’) were as follows: –

  • DailyDOOH 80
  • ravepubs 48
  • DigSignageToday 43
  • ayolo 33
  • touchecomm 29
  • DSExpo 29
  • signitynetworks 23
  • intel_rhonda 23
  • chuckgose 22
  • ScalaInc 21

The total number of impressions created was an enormous 534,233; @DailyDOOH accounted for 73,040 of those, @ravepubs 56,496, @DigSignageToday 51,729, @chuckgose 44,924 and @DSExpo themselves 32,741

The rest were made up by a miscellany of Twitterers.

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