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#dse2010 – How Far Did Our Tweets Travel?

As you know we believe that analysing the usage of the twitter hashtag allows one to make some basic assumptions about how much buzz a show has created. It’s certainly easy using our method to track who was (mainly) responsible for said buzz.

Anyway, like we did with #ISE2010 [1] here are the results of the statistics below compiled up to 1st March 2010 for the hashtag #dse2010 …

The top ten Twitterers (‘Name’ followed by ‘Number of Tweets’) were as follows: –

The total number of impressions created was an enormous 534,233; @DailyDOOH accounted for 73,040 of those, @ravepubs 56,496, @DigSignageToday 51,729, @chuckgose 44,924 and @DSExpo themselves 32,741

The rest were made up by a miscellany of Twitterers.