#rwc2010 – Retail Theatre Shown At Conference

Chris Sheldrake

Imagesound is both the music and signage partner at this year’s Retail Week conference in London.

Regular readers will know our belief that music is a very important part of the retail environment. Brands are often identified by the music they use to represent their style in-store, on-line and in the media in general.

DJ courtesy of Imagesound

At the Retail Week conference the background music in the hospitality suite showcased the best of class in branded in-store music; the likes of Jack Wills, Caffe Nero, Orange, Next to name a few.

In the run up to the discussions and key note speakers the music played highlights of the music profile of a well known brand enhancing the retail theme throughout the conference – all very clever, Ed

Whilst messaging isn’t right for every brand, a Retail Week Conference Sting has been created that identifies the start of the session and drives the traffic to the required locations. Proving that targeted audio messaging does work if the message is right!

Retail theatre was one of the main discussion points at this year’s conference and music provided a great opportunity to enhance, define and generate that retail theatre.

During the drinks receptions Imagesound turn the branded background music into ‘live sessions’ as they often do at store events nationwide.

Imagesound in conjunction with Signagelive and Panasonic together created the digital signage that introduced the timetable and supported the sponsors and key note speakers – the 85” screens commanded the attention of all the delegates and visitors as they entered the conference.

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