#dse2010 – 3,400 Attendees

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week just after the #dse2010 show we guessed at 3,500 attendees and yesterday the organisers made the official total known – 3,400 (next time I will get someone other than Gail / Andrew to count people as they come in and out).

The Conference and Trade Show, which ran last week, drew over 3,400 attendees, almost a 14% increase over 2009. There were also 56 first-time exhibitors.

Chris Gibbs, President of ExpoNation LLC, which produces Digital Signage Expo told us “Based on our market research and attendee feedback from last year, we made significant changes in the DSE 2010 Conference format – one-third more seminar choices, a total of 174 speakers, the vast majority of which were peer presenters.”

We may be speaking against the grain here but our one criticism was that to us at least it looked like there were too far many conference sessions (but still, if that’s what people ask for, so be it).

Gibbs added “We also incorporated new features such as the popular Lunch & Learn Roundtable Program, which was completely sold out.” – and yes we heard very good things about these.

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