JANUS Adds Software Features

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Recognizing that adding emergency messaging to digital signage software is a necessity, given today’s ever growing focus on security, JANUS Displays has added this feature to VIZIA, its digital signage software, making deploying a system wide message easy to do with just a few keystrokes.

Within seconds of launching any pre-programmed message, the fast emergency warning will be displayed throughout an entire signage network.

Also new at JANUS is an instantaneous visual paging system. This feature places a scrolling message across the bottom of the digital content. Without interrupting the current play schedule, the digital signage system can be used to quickly get a message to an audience.

“Emergency Messaging and Visual Paging are critical communication tools that our clients can now add to their digital display system,” says Sharon Morrow, president of Morrow Technologies, the maker of JANUS Displays.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Morrow Technologies established the JANUS Displays product line 25 years ago.

JANUS Displays, a premier provider of indoor digital signage, recently showed us around its booth at the DSE and we were quite taken with the variety of attractive frames that the company has devised to enclose the screens it provides, often building right into new construction. The company, we were told, handles its projects from A to Z in a real turn-key operation.

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