Windoze Again

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

CBS Outdoor Windoze

Moorgate tube station, London, England, a wet afternoon of 16th July 2008 and what do we see again?

“Unable to log you on because the netlogon service is not running on this machine” and this particular screen hasn’t shown any valid content since the previous Monday!

CBS Outdoor Details of Failure

For those of you who think we are ‘beating up’ on CBS Outdoor let us tell you that we can see these sorts of issues just waiting to happen (globally) with the majority of the other large outdoor media owners who have done little in the way of architecting any different sort of solution.

These pictures should be a wake-up call to the industry.

By the way are having lunch with the CBS Outdoor Alive team next Wednesday and very much looking forward to it because we think creatively they are doing a fantastic job and really helping to drive the digital industry forward.

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