Planet Ark’s National Tree Day

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Continuing with the green / eco-friendly theme we see that down under, PDM and Planet Ark have announced an environmental media partnership.

Starting with promotion for Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, PDM are producing a 15 second re-purposed promotional content clip which will play in the lead up to the event over PDM’s Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Home Electronics digital media networks.

It’s a pro-bono partnership, in much the same way we think that the majority of the UK Screen Networks are kind enough to support our Macmillan WBCM event every September.

PDM tell us that the media space and content production has a market value of approximately AUD $1million

PDM Communications Director, Angela Byrnes told us “We see our partnership with Planet Ark as a relevant and effective way of further driving our mission to become an environmentally and socially responsible business. PDM aim to make a genuine contribution and change to the environment by supporting and playing a role in environmental initiatives. With the addition of informative and educational environmental messaging to our networks we expect to genuinely influence our network audiences to take action with climate change making them smarter and more efficient when it comes to the environmental issues that we are facing locally and globally.”

Through PDM’s digital networks of course, Planet Ark will be able to educate a wide Australia-wide demographic including customers at Boost stores, Retravision, as well as Blooms, Guardian and Amcal pharmacies.

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