New Zealand’s Health TV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Health TV is New Zealand’s largest health and lifestyle television channel reaching an audience of 6.8 million viewers annually. It is installed in over 200 medical centre and hospital waiting rooms nationwide.

Wallflower Global Limited tell us that they are in the final stage of installing their own Wallflower™ Dynamic Digital Signage software – some of the network of several hundred displays were installations that were upgraded to Wallflower™ to replace an existing software package.

Health TV produce targeted health related content, which can be delivered and customised for each individual display location. Each screen is effectively its own TV channel allowing relevant content to be delivered to the right location.

Health TV’s Project manager, Justin Morris swas quoted as saying “the solution provided by Wallflower™ allowed the flexibility and control we needed to future proof the Health TV channel, which will grow to over 300+ sites receiving very large volumes of data per month, while working within the confines of the NZ network environment. We look forward to working with Wallflower™ in other markets internationally.”

We are also told that going forward the Health TV displays may use the Wallflower Alive !™ Facial Recognition module to provide audience measurement analysis.

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