Minicom To Announce Spin-Off Business (Again)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Just over a year ago (Jan 2009) in a post prophetically entitled ‘Minicom To Announce Spin-Off Business‘ we were the first to bring you the news (officially announced a few days later) ‘Minicom Launches International Digital Signage Division‘ and now we hear from a number of reliable sources that movement is somehow afoot again.

The most compelling and likely accurate rumour is that Minicom has rather cleverly (especially at this time) arranged some external investment from a VC.

No news yet on who that VC is or the amount but any investment raise at this time is quite impressive.

We’d expect said investment would lead to Minicom Digital Signage being spun out completely from Minicom sometime soon.

As usual we told you first. Expect an official announcement before the month is out if not sooner.

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