Belgium wins Cisco’s First Public DMS rollout

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Cisco of course are talking to all of their big corporate customers about their new digital signage offering (especially of course the banks) – they may not be talking to the right person about the product yet but that’s another story!

Anyway it looks like a 70 high street office rollout in Belgium is their first well publicised Digital Media System (DMS) win in Europe and a good ‘win’ I think at that.

Accent Jobs For People, an employment and recruitment agency in Belgium (also has offices in France and the Netherlands) is installing the Cisco Digital Signage solution in its windows…

Wim Vanhaelemeesch, IT manager at Accent Jobs For People said “The consultants in our offices used to have to regularly print out and post the latest or most urgent vacancies in the window, with the Cisco Digital Signage solution, that time-consuming, manual process is now fully automated”

The press release talks about LCDs having been purchased along with the Cisco equipment – I do hope that they have got this window display right – so many people get it wrong and the screens will be unreadable in sunlight.

Accent is renovating its offices throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France so we may end up seeing more than 70 sites eventually.

Full story on…

This is an interesting deal because it looks like DMS has not been sold through Cisco’s normal ‘channel’ – whilst Lebon IT services looks like a great company I doubt if it is a certified Cisco VAR of any Gold or Silver status.

Overall this is a good first win for Cisco – unlike previous new entrant corporate software announcements from say the likes of 3M, this is a solid rollout of some size with room for expansion with a reputable IT supplier, rather than the usual white van man / AV supplier, single site installation.

Cisco have entered the market and laid down a solid marker of what may come next. With announcements coming shortly from EnQii, the other new global player, the next 6 months across EMEA is going to be an exciting time.

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