PRI Quarterly Retail Analytics: Q3 Newsletter Preview

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s a preview of the Platt Retail Institute‘s Q3 Newsletter (July 2008)…

Don’t Count on a Robust 2008 Selling Season

Platt Retail Institute predicts that the economy will continue to remain weak for most of the summer and into the fall. Look for a recovery during the first half of 2009. We anticipate both back-to-school and, more importantly, the 2008 holiday shopping season, will be disappointing. In this issue, PRI releases its 2008 holiday forecast. Structural changes in consumer spending patterns, as an outgrowth of the current economic slowdown, are also detailed.

DCN in Bank Branches: Special Research

The importance of the customer experience at a bank has been established. This is leading many institutions to evaluate methods to enhance the bank branch environment. Of significance are digital communication networks. Yet such networks can be expensive to deploy and maintain. In this groundbreaking research, PRI establishes how to measure and quantify the return on such an investment.

Other Issue Highlights

Mobile marketing is examined; PRI establishes DCN activity indices; leading deployments at Daimler Chrysler, Saturn Electronics and Jyske Bank are profiled; and an in-depth look at NEO Advertising is presented.

Industry Roundtable Report: Second-Half 2008 Outlook for the DCN Industry

Review predictions from digital communication network industry leaders, courtesy of the Platt Retail Institute. Roundtable discussion features insights from executives from Sony, Best Buy, Clear Channel Outdoor and Wireless Ronin Technologies.

Guest Columnists

Renowned industry consultant Walter Loeb shares his insights on the Macy’s megamerger. Real Digital Media CEO Ken Goldberg reports on how Procter & Gamble is shifting promotional funds to in-store media. Rise Vision, Inc.’s Ryan Cahoy describes the function of digital signage in financial trading labs being built by college and university business schools.

The report will cost you but it is only USD200 for 4 issues

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