#ScreenMediaExpo – Looping Content Is Dead

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The world of digital signage has changed, display technology has evolved and no longer do we have to put up with dumb screens waiting for you to tell them what to do next, running endless loops of content that no one is watching or cares about.

Dave Gahan or Jason Cremins; You decide!

“Today’s displays are intelligent, just give them some simple rules and they will intelligently display dynamic up to date content, where and when you require” so says Jason Cremins, Chief Executive Officer, signagelive.com and co-founder and CEO of Remote Media Group, who will be presenting at ##ScreenMediaExpo in a few weeks in a presentation entitled ‘Looping content is dead: get dynamic or go home

In what we fully expect to be an exciting and knowledge-rich presentation Jason will explore the new generation of digital signage solutions from dynamic media content and content management systems, through to the latest in intelligent playback and display technology.

We’d fully expect to learn how Open Standards and the Internet are changing the way we create and manage digital signage networks as well.

Jason tells us that his presentation will draw on several examples of where other technologies and approaches have contributed to the development of open standards for Digital Signage from content providers to content management solution providers including Yahoo!, SMIL, Sky, Signchannel, Adtech, Google TVads, Flypaper, IAdea, Samsung and Viewsonic to name but a few.

The presentation will also ensure that delegates have a better understanding of the following: –

  • That you do not have to choose and stick to one supplier for the different parts of your DS system, open standards allow you to choose you content, CMS and players/screens from different vendors and they will all work together.
  • That you do not have to rely on expensive programme and scheduling resources to create a dynamic digital signage network that is always ‘on message’
  • This is just the beginning, every day new content platforms, CMS platforms and playback/display devices are being launched providing more choice and competition will ensure you [the customer], wins.

About Jason Cremins

Jason is responsible for Global strategy and expansion of Remote Media Group with offices in US and UAE and partners throughout many other countries.

Jason is also the current Head of POPAIdigital in the UK focusing on the development of Digital Media within the Retail Sector through engaging all parties with a vested interest in making Digital Media work as an integral part of a multi-channel Retail strategy.

5 Responses to “#ScreenMediaExpo – Looping Content Is Dead”

  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    Do you have some links to Digital Signage Open Standards ?

  2. JR of A2aMEDIA Says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of DOOH content recently – especially in regard to content personalization. The problem is a lot of personalization technologies are years away from mass market adoption by the digital signage community. But it looks like what Jason is talking about is a first step in the right direction. If digital signage content managers can begin using dynamic systems that prevent looping content through intelligent targeting it will do a lot to put more relevant material in front of the consumer – and relevancy is a big part of engagement. A2aMEDIA discusses DOOH and digital signage topics frequently on the company blog. Check it out at: http://www.A2aMEDIA.com.

  3. John Says:

    Where might we find these pulished standards? And are they agreed upon standards by POPAI or DPAA? Thx.

  4. Anthony Says:

    Although you make some great technical points you forgot a very important factor. The people buying the Ads. Agencies. They are still not grasping fully how to include digital buys as part of a larger campaign and are slowly beginning to adopt digital signage as viable solution to the mediums they’ve used for so many years (TV, Static, Newspapers etc). IMHO, in an already crowded market space with so many technologies out there, the last thing needed now is more confusion when making these pitches and raising awareness. The people writing the checks want to buy a proven, measured (accredited) network and couldn’t care less how or what technology is used. And let’s not even beginning to introduce content production and all the issues that arises with it when dealing with agencies. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Jason Cremins Says:

    @John standard are emerging for all aspects of the digital signage eco-system from Media RSS for ingress of content (user generated, licencsed and advertising) and SMIL for open standards playback of content on Hardware. In, addition SMIL incorporates POPAI screen format/content standards support and both POPAI and DPAA provide standards for platform providers such as ourselves to report impression logging etc.

    @Anthony this is not a technical play, it is much bigger than that. It is about our small little vertical sector becoming part of a wider move towards delivering digital media to any IP enabled device dynamically through a variety of media sales channels from nice digital signage buyers to automated Google TVads integration.

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