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Digital Place Based Advertising

So ‘Digital Place Based Advertising’ will replace ‘Out of Home Advertising Bureau’ and OVAB [1] therefore becomes the DPAA – although it seems that OVAB Europe doesn’t necessarily agree with the name change and for the time being at least is set to continue with OVAB Europe [2] – a four letter acronym which we have to say (with or without the ‘Europe’ suffix) seems to have built up quite a bit of brand equity over the last few years.

[3]Surprising though we think the name change is, the actual name change should have come as no surprise at all – our story back in November 2009 entitled ‘OVAB Debate Name Change (Again) [4]‘ referred to several moments when the OVAB board had debated a name change and there of course were plenty of rumours even before that of discussions being had.

As OVAB Europe President, Dirk Huelsermann told us last November (remember he was speaking from a European perspective – Dirk is not on the US OVAB board) “I would ask OVAB members to look at the brand recognition that the association has been getting recently. An industry conference does not take place without good, positive mentions for OVAB”.

And he’s 100% correct we believe – the name / term OVAB (dare I even say the ‘brand’) had built up significant equity and we think that the US powers to be are foolish in dismissing it.

Many of you emailed us after our Wednesday initial reaction on twitter when we said “WTF? OVAB becomes DPAA – haven’t these folks got anything better to do than change their name?”

There’s plenty for an industry body to be doing to help promote the industry as opposed to sitting in ‘ivory towers’ pontificating such things as name changes or (as this is so obvious an attempt at) creating a new industry category.

OVAB should be working damned hard to keep the members they have (and there seem to be plenty who cannot now afford the subscription fees asked for by the association) as well as, of course recruit new members and grow the association but above all promote the industry (as my old boss at Intel would have said: Job #1 GROW THE INDUSTRY)

OVAB Europe are one of our sponsors (look top right hand corner on our header on the site) and we in NO way represent them or talk officially (or even unofficially) on their behalf but we have done a lot to help them because of that sponsorship (yes that means that money changes hands) and because we believe that a strong industry body is an imperative.

Our suggestions and work to date have included: –

And of course it’s not just us because folks like Ronni Guggenheim at Minicom [5]have set a new standard with their OVAB Europe Digital Signage Expert Tours around major trade shows and indeed the Digital Signage Showcases (that’s right booking exhibition space, paying for a stand equals ‘promoting the industry’).

Invidis [6] also with two DOOH Business conferences a year and their work with the business index DBCI.

Seriously, step back a second and look at this. We have highly successful DOOH Business Conferences – are we expecting Mike Blackman at ISE, Chris Gibbs at Exponation or Mark Pigou at Screenmedia Expo next year to commission a DPAA Business Conference during their exhibitions?

I think the answer will be clearly not!

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11 Comments To "Digital Place Based Advertising"

#1 Comment By Mark Leo On 25 March 2010 @ 11:00 @500

A giant step backwards! Surprised

#2 Comment By Guest Contributor, Chris Heap On 25 March 2010 @ 11:18 @512

Not sure why the DPAA didn’t simply keep the acronym but change the words, thus providing continuity and enabling them to use the opportunity to re-position themselves e.g. Out of Home Visual Advertising Bureau, Out of Home Visual Attentiveness Bureau or any other combination that might have fitted.

Not an elegant solution perhaps (less elegant than DPdoubleA?) but it retains the continuity that any new brand needs to build on as it establishes itself.

By the way, if rumors are correct I undertsand that POPAI is shortly to change it’s name to OLIVE (Out of Home Live Interactive Visual Environment association).

#3 Comment By Matt Warholic On 25 March 2010 @ 13:31 @604

Their members (and others in the space) are obviously more interested in TV and Digital budgets than OOH, which is why dropping the “O” from OVAB may be necessary to begin the shift in spending behavior toward their segment. Maybe a short term step back but long term it could be interesting…

#4 Comment By Jason Cremins On 25 March 2010 @ 16:28 @728

At least OVAB was pronouncable as a made up word, DPAA or DPBA sound like a list of the qualifications you might require to work in a brothel.

#5 Comment By Barbara Woodhouse On 25 March 2010 @ 16:56 @747

How about CRUFTS (Content, Relevance & Ubiquity For Those Screens) as a far better name.

#6 Comment By Pierre CHIEN On 25 March 2010 @ 19:33 @856

CRUFTS is the DB ( dogs bollocks)

#7 Comment By Barbara Woodhouse On 25 March 2010 @ 19:49 @867

DB would be eventually renamed to the MN (Mutt’s Nuts)

#8 Comment By Laura Brooks On 25 March 2010 @ 21:20 @931

Somehow this new name just feels like “group think” gone awry…everyone got their two cents in. Maybe we can give it a nickname… Digi P-BAdAss.

#9 Comment By Darin Gilstrap On 26 March 2010 @ 15:03 @669

So given the apparent fracture or fragmentation in OVAB’s identity, mission and business model, does this mean that VANs, PBNs, and DB networks no longer have to design their networks based on 2008 OVAB Guidelines. Has any network that followed these guidelines succeeded in securing DOOH agency dollars to jumpstart or sustain existing networks. Seems like these guidelines were made out to be gospel or biblical for securing ad dollars.

#10 Comment By J Woolsey On 26 March 2010 @ 20:19 @888

I think what we are seeing is the traditional Networks flexing their muscle and trying to push DOOH, out of reach, i.e. advertising.


J Woolsey

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