Glasses-Free 3D Application For Gaming In Beta Test

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

3D Eye Solutions Inc., Longwood, Florida, has begun beta testing for its glasses-free 3D application for such video game platforms as, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, Macintosh, and PC.

The company is developing a new render engine that’s more flexible in design, can be integrated with multiple gaming systems, and fills a need in the $46.5 billion video game industry as video game manufacturers release 3D ready hand held and console systems.

Nintendo is expected to announce its plans to sell a 3D version of its DS handheld player that doesn’t require the user to wear glasses at the E3 show in Los Angeles on June 15.

3D Eye Solutions has already started beta testing of its glasses free 3D application for the Nintendo DS, Microsoft Xbox, and the Sony PlayStation and expects its Beta Test to be completed by the end of Q3. While the application is developed mainly for use on glasses-free systems, it is also compatible with 3D video game systems with glasses.

The application will enable 3D Eye Solutions to be able to convert in ‘real time’ across various platforms including cinema and TV.

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