Adcalator, SM Mall Of Asia, Manila

Chris Sheldrake

Last week’s story by Dmitry Sokolov on the new Adcalator Escalator Signage product proved so incredibly popular on both and that we sent local boy / intrepid reporter Manolo Almagro along to the SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines, to check out the install for ourselves…

3 Responses to “Adcalator, SM Mall Of Asia, Manila”

  1. Ian Says:

    Surely the dwell time is zero?
    If anyone stood and looked at the screen it would block the escalator for anyone else.
    And you can’t see them from a distance because of the angle.

  2. Tony Scott Says:

    I agree wioth Ian.

    When people are approaching escalators they may be in a queue or even if they are on their own they tend to focus on a safe entry and are unlikely to spend much time at all in viewing the screens.

    If they see something of interest and stop to look at it more closely they will definitely cause a hold-up.

    Escalator TV is much better suited to being mounted alongside or above the escalator itself. You then have in many cases a captive audience who are happy to spend a few seconds looking at a display while the escalator carries them. It is essential they are not located clsoe to the start or finish as passengers may once again be more cncerned about safe entry or exit.

  3. Keith Says:

    I must agree with Ian as well. Anything that interrupts the flow within this kind of retail envirnment would just be a hindrance. Speaking as an impatient London resident I KNOW how much I hate being stopped in my tracks by dawdling gawkers gazing at misplaced advertising!

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