#ScreenMediaExpo – Mobile Makes Media Relevant

Chris Sheldrake

Continuing our series of presentations at #ScreenMediaExpo in May in London that we think you’d be well advised to attend, we look today at Kelly Moulton, VP Marketing, never.no who will be presenting Connecting with Customers: Mobile Makes Media Relevant

Kelly told us “We want to focus on what is working in real marketing terms right now, today. We do not want to focus on hype or what might be interesting one year from now”

Kelly was keen to emphasise that his was going to be a marketing presentation, not a technical presentation.

For never.no the main theme it seems is that mobile makes media relevant and they want to tell real stories with real data, so just like 10 years ago, where people began to adopt the URL as de facto in all marketing literature, Kelly and his team believe soon that people will always be adding shortcode SMS call to actions to all literature – flyers, brochures, bus posters, tv, digital signage, etc.

Kelly explained “This is the simplest way to start your mobile marketing without having to invest in technology integration or re-create creative. And, from our experience, the results are strong”.

The presentation we believe will draw from case studies including:-

  • 7Eleven iced coffee giveaway – mobile coupon distribution with 50% redemption (promoted through ‘traditional media’
  • Telenor Arena Opening – 36% audience participation of MMS to 3 x 7 meter Barco HD digital sign
  • Libero loyalty programme – long-term mobile loyalty programme
  • Skoda, Volkswagen – selling cars with simple call to actions to request a test drive via SMS
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle – delivering over 4,5 m mobile barcodes per year, automatic kiosk check-in at airports

Kelly told us “We would like to demystify the process and highlight that, really, this boils down to good old fashioned opt-in database marketing. You need to manage responses and issue notifications sensibly (and user-friendly managemen tools are out there in the marketplace). You need to maintain and develop customer relationships through continued promotions, rewards and profiling”.

Never.no will also be supplying the whole exhibition and the conference with the innovative TextTheStand and TextTheSpeaker mobile interaction services.

About Kelly Moulton

Kelly Moulton has been actively investing in and building interactive media to drive marketing campaigns since 1995. Pre 2000 he founded Bottle Rocket in NYC, an online games and ITV company that produced MTV ́s first video music award ceremony on TV with audience participation via mobile sms. Main investor – Electronic Arts. Sold to Nasdaq-traded ACTV, which was sold to OpenTV.! Post 2000, Kelly became a Venture Partner, antfactory, London, one of the largest new technology early stage VC firms in Europe, with over 350m in funding which was eventually sold to Seymour Pierce. He launched The Ritz Club Online, a high end online casino that generated over 100m sterling in gaming in its first year alone with less than a £1m investment (£300,000 in marketing).

In 2010, Kelly became a Partner in Fabian Invest, Norway, an early stage media technology investment firm with an active management approach. Current investments include ComCom.no (idle screen mobile advertising), Never.no (digital marketing and participation tv platform), CatchTheEye.no, a digital signage media network) and Vidamo.no, a mobile barcode platform.

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