HOUSEKEEPING – The Big Spam Account Cull

Jorge Garcia de Bustos

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed a steep increase in the number of subscriber accounts, often created using dodgy Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo email addresses, or coming from non-existent Internet domains. We have now started using WordPress plugins that screen the addresses and domains used to join this site, and verify that they haven’t been widely reported as used by spammers.

We have also done a major cull of spammer accounts, losing over 400 bogus entries. Next time you receive one of our Daily Newsletters (and if you don’t, you should seriously consider joining the elite collective), you’ll notice that the number of recipients has gone from more than 5,200 down to 4,999 🙁

Although it’s a shame to lose our coveted 5K mark, it’s good to know that the ones that remain are actual readers. I’d invite anyone interested to verify the quality of our subscriber list, and our weekly clean-up of addresses after bounced emails. Our 4,999 subscribers are actual ‘live’ accounts that belong to professionals related to the DOOH business, with no generic info@, sales@ or feedback@ addresses to inflate the numbers.

I wonder how many of our competitors who boast about their tens of thousands of subscribers could say the same?

UPDATE: Three hours after publishing this post, two new member pushed our subscriber count to 5,001. Brian and William, welcome to the community of the best-informed DOOH professionals.

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