Access 360 Media Purchases Arena Assets

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

By hook or by crook consolidation in the industry continues and a bit more digging following on from yesterday’s rumour ‘Access 360 Media To Acquire Arena Media Networks?‘ turns up that Arena Media Networks LLC filed for bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York court as far back as the middle of February AND it is as clear as day in the court documents that we have seen that Access 360 Media purchased said assets.

We asked Access 360 Media for comment on this last night and Katie Smith-Adair from SeisMK, a division of The Morris + King Company told us “I handle PR for Access 360 Media and Ross Hyzer passed along your request. We’re not going to be able to provide comment for your story at this time; Access 360 Media doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation”.

A totally stupid thing to say (or put in an email) especially when Gail and I were sitting there looking at court documents showing an Asset Purchase Agreement with Access 360 Media’s name clearly on it!

Expect an official announcement shortly.

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