UK’s Longest Interactive Projection Wall?

Chris Sheldrake

Projection Advertising have just installed this 18 metre long interactive projection wall in Birmingham International Airport to promote local industry, tourism and culture.

Blimey that

We think it is the longest motion triggered interactive projection screen in the UK, Ed

The screen is formed of 10 digital projectors seamlessly stitched together – Ultra Short throw projection technology has effectively been used to create a shadowless front projection screen.

The system designer Tom Burch told us “Our system boasts a much higher resolution than any LED screen at a fraction of the cost and weight of an LCD installation. The seamless edge blending makes it the perfect solution for digital media installations in airports.”

He added “Not only that, the solution we have created is completely scalable. The control system we are working with allows us to connect up to 400 projectors together, meaning we could theoretically produce an interactive wall up to 800m long.”

Digital creative agency Clusta were charged with creating the 18m long animated content which follows passengers as they walk down through the digital corridor.

An integrated sound system delivers a sound track which progresses down the walkway at the same rate as the animation providing sound effects along the 18m experience.

The interactive wall displays 10 discrete video files blending them into one continuously progressing animation which unfolds as arrivals at BIA move towards passport control. The animation is triggered by an infra red motion detection sensor as people approach the screen.

The screen was conceived by McCann Erickson as an innovative way to engage the 27,400 passengers who pass through the terminal to visit the region daily as part of their ‘Welcome to The Heart of England’ Campaign.

The interactive wall will be used over a 3 year period by Advantage West Midlands to promote the region from an economic and cultural perspective. 23 of West Midlands’ businesses and household names including Jaguar Land Rover and Cadburys are featured in the interactive animation and as part of the broader campaign to develop the region’s image and reputation as a place to visit, live, work and invest.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    I’d be interested to see the cost calculation that shows it is cheaper than LCD – is this a 3 year TCO including bulb costs?

    I like the innovative coving covering the projectors – that’s a really nice piece of installation.

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