#ibc2010 Gives Up On Digital Signage Zone

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Looks like we may have to stop referring to those who might have signed up to #ibc2010’s digital signage zone as “I’ve Been Conned”, see previous stories here (2009) and here (2008), as the way we read the latest invitation to pre-register for IBC is that all mentions of said ‘Digital Signage Zone’ have been dropped…

IPTV, Mobile TV and Digital Signage are opening up new opportunities across the world of content creation management and delivery and this year they are brought together under one roof for the first time at IBC within Connected World in Hall 9. At the heart of Connected World will be two new features – Connected Home of the Future and Connected World Hub.

It looks to us though that by making Digital Signage part of their new ‘Connected World‘ area, they have finally (and sensibly) given up on any sort of dedicated Digital Signage Zone:

Praise the lord!

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