3D Merchandising

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

While this doesn’t involve digital screens, it goes to show that 3D is certainly becoming a flavour of the month.

IGH Solutions, Ivor Grove Heights, Minnesota, has launched Impact FX, a line of dimensional products that brings the power of 3D to product packaging.

Responding to market trends and the demand for brands to stand apart from the competition in big ways, particularly on retail shelves, IGH Solutions developed a product line under the Virtual Images brand for specialty print. Impact FX offers innovative and cost-effective packaging enhancements for consumer packaged goods, generating immediate shelf-impact using 3D and animation.

“Impact FX dimensional products turn a flat 2D image into something that moves, allowing a product to interact with the consumer and stand-out on retail shelves,” says Rosa Hermoza, product manager for IGH Solutions. “Incorporating dimensional effects into a product’s package allows marketers to tie into the 3D phenomenon, allowing brand marketers to differentiate their product on store shelves and increase their brand’s visibility at retail.”

IGH Solutions claims that consumers spend five times longer interacting with ‘moving’ promotions and advertisements compared to their traditional, 2D counterparts.

Impact FX thin film dimensional products can easily be printed and converted in-line, eliminating secondary manufacturing processes. In addition to product packaging enhancements, applications include: in-pack premiums, pressure sensitive labels, tip-ons, dry release labels, hang tags, neck tags, garment tags, instant redemption coupons, overwrapped in-pack premiums, and more.

About IGH Solutions

IGH Solutions is a world leader in developing and delivering innovative solutions centered-around specialty and dimensional printing. IGH Solutions serves as an umbrella over strategically located specialty print studios, sales offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company has more than 30 years of printing experience and is the world’s leading provider of high-quality lenticular large format and custom printed plastics, offered under their Virtual Images brand for specialty print.

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