#Kioskcom – Darts, Donkeys, Drugs

Dylan Jones, Jones Digital Media

With the ding, ding ding of Vegas fading into the background (at least for those not from Europe who seem destined by the gods of Valhalla to stay in the city of sin forever) here’s some of my personal highlights and not so high-lights from #CETW (nee #KioskCom).

High Fives

Gail Chiasson / Dylan Jones

  • MGM Mirage and their presentation on digital way-finding and using mobile devices to track punters – apparently “darts, donkeys and drugs” was one of the stranger requests inputed into their new search app.
  • The Cooking with Content seminars – well attended, and informative, and anything that promotes good, on-strategy content  is a winner in my book.
  • A packed exhibit floor with more interactive kiosks than you could shake a stick at.
  • Ecast’s elegantly designed interactive screen – reminded me of an iPad on steroids.
  • Excellent event management.
  • The Blogger Zone and Social Sphere (just wait ’til you see the Twitter stats that come out of the event)
  • Lunch buffet – very cool and delicious.

Not so High Fives

  • Sapient Nitro’s lacklustre, ten minute presentation on branding and emerging technologies – a few Coke slides and a plug for your company does not a presentation make.
  • Brain Juicer had the sparks of a great presentation but really do we need to see the Cadbury’s  Gorilla yet again to make a point that great advertising needs to stand out?
  • Quality of digital screens in the seminar rooms at times made the presentations unreadable – you’d think at a digital signage conference they’d at least have the monitors correctly calibrated.
  • Badly attended seminars – I attended a couple where there were barely a handful of people in the room. Maybe next time more thought into what people want to hear about and a little better hype around the seminars wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Marketers – where were they? All this cool technology is all well and good, but it’s the marketers that really need to see this stuff and begin to build their brand messages into the technology.

Overall though: huge kudos to the JD Events team for pulling this well attended event off.

Next time I’ll be looking for stronger seminars and more speakers from outside the industry to spark our creativity and inspire the content creationist in all of us but I’ll be back and I know that all the exhibitors who continuously praised the high quality of the attendees will as well.

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