Toshiba Lights Up New LED Screen, Times Square

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Tim Whitaker, Editor and Publisher, LEDs Magazine asked us if they could reproduce our story and photos on the Ocean Outdoor LED screen up in Liverpool which they duly did over at

Same page has a story about Toshiba’s new LED screen in Times Square, New York…

Toshiba has unveiled a new 1.6 million LED display in Times Square supporting high definition resolution. The Toshiba Vision Times Square will take pride of place at the top of One Times Square Building, and carry its message to the crowded streets 285 feet (about 87 meters) below.

Expressly designed for fixed outdoor installation at the Times Square site, the new display is a massive 15.6 x 16.0 m (51.2 x 52.5 feet) and incorporates a fully digital high-definition video system.

The 22.3m (73.3 ft./880-inch ) diagonal screen integrates an array of 1280 x 1248 LEDs, and HD image quality is realized by Toshiba’s proprietary “Technovirtual” technology. This innovative two-dimensional, pixel-sharing technology uses adjacent LEDs to create virtual pixels with a 12.5mm pitch.

Toshiba says the display is designed for enhanced eco efficiency, and uses the latest LED technology to cut power consumption, an advance that also contributes to improved performance reliability and an extended life cycle.

The LEDs Magazine is described as “the leading information source for the global LED industry” and is well worth a read.

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