Passage Fitness First – Belgium

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the UK media planners and buyers are lucky enough to have two great screen networks in the Health Club, Gym and Fitness arena – The Healthclub Channel / Boomerang Digital and GymTV (which has a new branding / identity I believe that I am yet to ‘officially’ hear of).

I hadn’t however heard that much about health club networks in Continental Europe and elsewhere.

However, like buses, if you wait long enough two will come along at the same time…

In India VJive Networks have just launched a very prestigous network for Gold’s Gym (100+ venues eventually I believe).

In Belgium, Passage Fitness First, the country’s largest fitness chain has colaborated with Encore Audio Media and YCD to launch the Passage TV channel in 32 of its venues. 4 more are promised I believe.

There is the usual content on screens – music videos, infomercials, advertising, membership notices and updates, plus a ticker and some RSS feeds.

Note to the content producers ‘tickers are horrible – even on TV when you are sitting on your sofa, let alone when you are on a treadmill 10ft away from a screen’

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  1. Alex Hughes - Amigo Digital Says:

    Gold’s Gym currently has 14 locations in India with approx 40 – 50 screens total to date. From a content perspective, we are rolling out General Interest Content as well as advertorial packages and DOOH specific advertising on a daily basis – screen shots of latest work to follow soon…

  2. martialarts Says:

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