DOOH Media Summit – Last 2 Passes To Be Won

Chris Sheldrake

Every day this week we have two free passes (worth GBP 295 each) to give away for the Media Week – DOOH Media Summit on May 6th running in conjunction with #DOOHExpo and #ScreenMediaExpo.

Today (Friday) the question is: “How much did Scala likely pay for SignChannel in the acquisition announced yesterday”

On Monday we asked “For your first chance to win simply tell us how many DailyDOOH staff are still stuck in Las Vegas?” – the answer of course was ONE (AHN flew back Tuesday evening).

On Tuesday we asked you to tell us “who the president and vice president of OVAB Europe are?” Of course the answer was Dirk Hülsermann (President) and Ronni Guggenheim (Vice President) (and we gave special consideration to those who got that umlaut right).

On Wednesday the question was “What new type of technology are PSCo demonstrating on their stand E7 next week in London?” and the answer was Prysm’s new Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology.

On Thursday the question was “What is the size in US Dollars of STRATACACHE’s technology acquisition fund?” and the answer was USD 25 Million.

11 Responses to “DOOH Media Summit – Last 2 Passes To Be Won”

  1. Julian Clogg Says:

    OVAB President Dirk Hulsermann

    Vice President Ronni Guggenheim

  2. Alan Miller Says:

    Dirk Hülsermann (President) and Ronni Guggenheim (Vice President)

  3. David Da Costa Says:

    PSCo will be officially launching Prysm

  4. Dan Jago Says:


  5. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Alan, you were one of the LUCKY winners but you haven’t supplied us with any contact details to get back in contact with you. Pls email us with your details. Thx

  6. Don Sperring Says:


  7. edgar macias Says:

    the answer is
    PSCo’s stand will feature an exciting new technology, partnering with Prysm to launch Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) to the UK market. This technology is much anticipated due to it’s excellent eco-credentials, brightness and picture quality.

  8. Tim Godwin Says:

    Stratacache are I believe sitting ona $25m investment/acquisition fund…now can I go to the ball please?

  9. Nick maddison Says:

    STRATACACHE’s technology acquisition fund – $25 large

  10. Manish Jain Says:

    STRATACACHE’s technology acquisition fund is of 25Million USD

  11. David Da Costa Says:

    Scala likely paid USD 2 million for SIgnChannel

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