BMW Canada Flirts With AddMirror

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

BMW Canada, Richmond Hill, Ontario, is the first car company to flirt with customers using the innovative AddMirror advertising medium.

Who ya gonna call? 555-2368

The company is ‘flirting’ with potential customers with a two month campaign by reaching them through the mirrors in high traffic restrooms of strategically-selected venues in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver throughout April and May.

AddMirror is a unique marketing medium that enables creative marketers to reach a large audience in a memorable, engaging manner. For BMW’s campaign, ads will appear as patrons approach restroom mirrors: A motion detector senses the patron’s movement and sets a sequence of ads in motion, creating a captivating communication chain that tends to leave readers wanting more.

“This campaign is a perfect fit for the new BMW 3 Series Coupé,” said Marc Belcourt, brand communications manager, BMW Group Canada. “It’s innovative, creative and unexpected, and allows us to position our product as highly desirable in a way that engages people, just as our brand does. This particular campaign is also pretty sexy, just like this vehicle.”

The BMW AddMirror campaign targets men from 25 to 45 years old. Flirty messages are scripted on restroom mirrors in what appears to be hot red lipstick. With messages such as ‘I’ll make your heart pound’ and ‘My body is absolutely stunning’, the initiative is sure to capture attention, and concludes by urging readers to text in for photos of the subject leaving the love notes. Once the text is received, a link is sent back to the user, leading them to a landing page with the headline ‘We were made for each other’, as well as downloadable beauty shots of the new BMW 3 Series Coupé.

The media buy for the campaign was coordinated by Media Experts, and creative was designed by Cundari, both in Toronto.

“It’s a new medium with an indisputable impact,” says Kris Davis, vice-president customer service, Media Experts. “BMW is one of the first companies in Canada to use AddMirror. As a pioneering company, we knew they would appreciate the benefits of such a unique tactic. Not only is it interactive and engaging, but it helps us learn about the behavior of potential BMW customers and their propensity for using mobile devices to get more information about BMW products.”

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