#ScreenMediaExpo – LiteLogic Launch 8mm Digital Bus Screen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Litelogic announced yesterday that they will be showcasing their new 8mm digital bus screen at #ScreenMediaExpo over the next few days.

We are told that the 8mm digital bus screen has been developed in a similar way to that of the 12mm digital bus screen whilst utilising the unique patented power distribution system that enables the screen to operate from the standard charging system installed on buses

Those who entered the show today should also have seen a number of buses outside the exhibition hall, one of these was a ‘London Bus’ which was demonstrating Litelogic’s more established 12mm digital bus screen.

Litelogic can be found at stand C7

2 Responses to “#ScreenMediaExpo – LiteLogic Launch 8mm Digital Bus Screen”

  1. Green queen Says:

    Tighter LED pitch means more LEDs, means more power, means more diesel being burnt, means more particulates and more CO2.

  2. WorldOfTrophies Says:

    Green queen you are generally correct, however tighter pitch, more efficient LED, means same power for more LED’s for same brightness

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