#ScreenMediaExpo – Omnivex Wayfinding

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Doug Bannister, Omnivex CEO and director of software development, took us through the Concord, Ont. company’s new wayfinding software that, rather than developed in Flash, is now all dynamic and real-time.

It’s all in a backend database and tied to real-time data,” says Bannister. Picture a hospital, for example, (only one of many uses for this product). The wayfinder can easily allow the user to locate a patient or department on any floor via the shortest route possible. If the patient is moved, no problem. He or she is still located immediately. Construction work blocking a usual route? The next easiest route is located immediately. Want to print the route from a kiosk? It’s all possible.

These are only some of the many possible uses. Shopping centres and department stores come to mind. The Sex and the City girls probably know the shortest route to every shoe department, but do you? It’s worth stopping by to have Doug give you a demonstration.

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