#InfoComm2010 – iPad Lectern Control C4359

Chris Sheldrake

There are undoubtedly going to be zillions of iPad and iPhone apps on show at this year’s #InfoComm2010.

Oooh that tickles

Tecom Electronics Ltd. will be demonstrating iPad and iPhone interactivity to their Classroom Multimedia Lecterns at the show, we quote from the press release “Tecom, inventor of the TechPod Interactive Multimedia Lectern, announces its latest feature, a docking port allowing iPads and iPhones to directly interact with the TechPod’s integrated audio-visual technologies”.

Aviv Brosilovski, CEO, Tecom has a point when he says “Portable presentation devices are becoming more common in the educational market, so adding iPhone and iPad capabilities to the TechPod … allows presenters to walk into classrooms with their handheld devices, insert it into the docking station, and, at a touch of a button, present directly through the lectern.” – an idea we ran through some of our OEM clients a year or so ago if I remember correctly!

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