rVue Completes USD 1 Million+ Financing

Chris Sheldrake

rVue Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: RVUE), announced today that the Company has secured over $1 million in a round of financing funded by institutional investors.

Simultaneously, rVue Holdings was quoted on the OTCBB exchange trading under the symbol ‘RVUE’.

rVue, Inc. is a systems engineering solutions company with a core focus on providing scalable solutions that actively advance the growth of the DOOH media, offer the industry’s only online ad planning and buying tool that is free for agencies and networks to join, and provides a social platform, robust search engine, communication capabilities and targeting tools.
DOOH media had been best known for screens in locations such as New York City’s Times Square or local movie theaters. The industry has grown to become one of the fastest growing advertising medias, providing place-based advertising opportunities on screens, digital billboards and interactive kiosks in a variety of location types around the globe.

rVue CEO Jason Kates told us “rVue is the advertising exchange poised to transform DOOH by increasing the ease and effectiveness of media planning while eliminating fragmentation”

He added “This financing will accelerate our current efforts to deliver the functionality advertisers crave and the ability for operators and networks to increase the value of their advertising inventory. We can deliver this functionality on any digital signage software platform.”

rVue’s Ad Exchange has taken an innovative approach to reduce advertiser’s media planning time while providing standardization and targeted purchasing capabilities on a national, regional, DMA, zone, household or venue basis. Within the rVue Ad Exchange, advertisers can tailor a custom campaign to their client’s specific needs to more precisely reach their desired audience with the preferred ad at the right time and with the appropriate frequency.

Networks enrolled within the rVue platform of course are given tools to help monetise their advertising inventory through innovations such as aggregating audiences across a single campaign.

Today, rVue has enrolled 49 networks or operators and an estimated 180,000 screens, billboards or kiosks, representing an estimated 20% of the DOOH industry in the United States. The networks within rVue offer advertisers screens in a variety of locations, including doctor offices, casinos, malls, digital billboards, health clubs and retail stores, among others.

About rVue

rVue Holdings, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary rVue, Inc., provides the leading addressable Ad Exchange for Digital Out-of-Home and Place-Based Media in its suite of technology. The Company’s vision and expertise in building rVue provides unrivalled capability for delivering the right advertising message to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy and creates substantial opportunities for the Digital Out-of-Home and advertising industries. rVue’s unique approach to addressable advertising delivery, measurement and reporting is supported by an extensive portfolio of intellectual property. Our innovations in content delivery solutions and intellectual property development in targeted demographic media is the foundation for a wide array of advanced advertising capabilities. Digital technology has revolutionized media and rVue is making targeted addressable advertising, more efficient, more effective and more available than ever.

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  1. David Tetreault Says:

    RVUE’s biz model is impressive and appears to be ahead of the curve in the development of solid DOOH Networking capabilities. Creating a platform of viable DOOH Networks is the key to bring new advertisers to this burgeoning medium.

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