Futuramedia Pharmacy Network Sales Up 40%

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Typical Installation

French network operator Futuramedia experienced a 40% increase in turnover on its pharmacy network in 2009.

A combination of improved content along with consumer and impact studies has led to an increased interest in both content and ad spots.

Mr Taieb, CEO of Futuramedia told us “Our media, close to brands and products in retail outlets, is the last point of contact before the act of purchase. There is no waste, and the impact on the consumer, ready to buy, is maximum. ‘Sell-Out’ Reports made both by merchandisers and by the IMS Institute clearly demonstrate and average increase in sales of between 20% – 30%”.

This strong performance is due to both the increased density of the network and to the fact that advertisers are now convinced of its efficiency, and stands out in a context of a decrease of between 15 -30% of the overall poster market in France during the period.

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