Amscreen / Digicom Healthcare Research

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Research recently commissioned by Amscreen and Digicom to understand patient receptivity and responsiveness to the Amscreen digital screens in the Healthcare environment has proved that these screens and their content form a noticeable and much-appreciated part of the surgery visit experience.

Simon Sugar, CEO at Amscreen told us “Amscreen’s healthcare network provides a service to PCTs and patients alike and it is very pleasing to have this proof that it both works and is appreciated.”

89% of respondents were aware of the screens in the surgery, and their purpose, while 82% found them helpful – screens are, according to respondents, “the media that people watch”.

In the Healthcare environment, family lifestage respondents are most receptive to the screens, viewing them as an information source and a welcome distraction for children at the same time.

As one respondent said, “This is a positive distraction – takes your mind off things,” while another remarked “I have the kids here and this has stopped them running around.”

Encouragingly, having seen the communication messages on the screen, only 15% of respondents would not discuss something they had seen there with their health professional.

Chris Forrester, Digicom’s MD of Sales and Marketing, said “This research reinforces our belief in the value of the healthcare environment. It delivers advertisers a very niche and very focussed audience highly receptive to healthy living messaging.”

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  1. Scott Anthony Says:

    Amscreen have taken screen networking to another level. They have not only provided the research to distinguish the reception values of recipients, they have also provided the information that screen communication is here to stay and it is getting better and better!

    Big well done to Amscreen……

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