Three In Trouble

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It pains us to have to say that there are three digital signage software vendors in real trouble at the moment – and no that does NOT include Broadcast International (who by the way we would probably not classify as a digital signage software vendor).

6 Responses to “Three In Trouble”

  1. Steve Gurley Says:

    My message to the industry is this: We at Symon are a very financially stable and profitable visual solutions company. We are backed by a multibillon dollar investment fund and are always looking for good acquisition opportunities to grow our business. If you are a digital signage provider with an established revenue stream and are interested in talking with us, email me at

  2. Puke Says:

    He has spoken, praised be this messah!

  3. Tommy Smith Says:

    Resellers and clients need to be very careful about who they decide to go with, check the books to make sure your software licences and support contracts are going to last.

  4. Steve Gurley Says:

    Bless you my son. Go away and sin no more.

  5. Ebenezer Scrooge Says:

    Having buckets loads of backing is no guarantee of success in the DS market. Your naivety needs a gentle flagellation and a confession.

  6. Steve Gurley Says:

    It may be to your benefit to learn something about our company. Symon has over 20,000 content management servers installed worldwide powering content to over a million display end points. Thirty years in business with a profit every quarter since our inception. We do however avoid sectors of the industry that don’t and won’t contribute enough to our margin targets, e.g. Ad-based digital signage.

    To that point, watch for my upcoming white paper to be released early June. It’s likely to cause controversy.

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