AT&T’s Core Platform Provider

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have written before about AT&T Digital Media Solutions but we noticed today also the following on Stratacache’s web site

We feel that it’s only time before all of the big Telco’s and ISPs enter or try to enter the marketplace – when they do, who do you think will they choose as their core platform provider?

Apart from Cisco, c-nario and Stratacache there don’t seem to be many signage vendors targeting this potentially very lucrative marketplace.

AT&T will obviously be strong in the US but it’s also going to be interesting how they try to address the European market.

STRATACACHE Strikes Agreement with AT&T

AT&T Announces New Digital Media Solutions to Include Digital Signage

DAYTON, OH, August 11, 2008—STRATACACHE recently announced a strategic agreement with AT&T as part of AT&T’s new Digital Media SolutionsSM portfolio rollout. The suite of content delivery and digital media solutions includes content distribution and management, broadcast video, and digital signage services—solutions targeted at companies ranging from businesses with multiple small office locations to the most sophisticated multinational enterprises.

With its award-winning digital signage solution, STRATACACHE is a leading provider of advanced digital media software for highly distributed enterprises, across all industries, all over the world. STRATACACHE’s digital signage solution, powered by a patented content distribution engine, manages the entire digital signage lifecycle for multi-layered playlist creation, content distribution, monitoring and reporting of digital signage networks containing up to 250,000 concurrent devices.

“This strategic agreement brings with it a unique combination of resources and technology to an industry that is growing at an exceptional pace,” said Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO. “Our dynamic digital signage technology paired with AT&T’s global IP network and infrastructure will allow for a highly advanced managed digital signage offering backed by specialized expertise and immense experience from both companies.”

The AT&T Digital Media Solutions portfolio includes AT&T Digital SignageSM, an end-to-end managed service that enables businesses to distribute their own customized video and other multimedia content to both employees and customers.

AT&T Digital Signage helps customers sell more, communicate with customers and associates more efficiently, and drive new advertising and product sales revenue via emerging media networks. The AT&T service is scalable and typically delivered on High Definition LCD monitors displayed in high-traffic areas, such as retail outlets, employee lunch rooms, airport terminals, hotel lobbies and office reception areas.

AT&T plans to complete deployment of nearly $70 million in network infrastructure and development investment by year-end to support its digital media capabilities across the United States and Europe (European Union countries) and Asia’s Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

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