#InfoComm2010 – Prysm’s Donut Wall

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s well worth going to take a look at what the Prysm folks have done over on their stand C5038 at #InfoComm2010.

Here we see Amit Jain, President, CEO And Founder, Prysm standing in front of a clearly Christie Digital MicroTiles inspired Big ‘O’ – a shape that Prysm call, we believe, a ‘donut wall’.

They have done a greta job of putting the shape in context, showing here a retail clothing application. Nice attention to detail we thought with how everything was laid out.

Whilst they have clearly followed the lead of Christie Digital in their use of shapes (and there is no issue in doing that – clearly building shapes with modular tiled products is a step in the right direction, a sensible move for the vendor and great for the industry) Prsym have done a good job in getting some good content in place and we stress – putting it all in context.

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