Screen Digest Acquired by iSuppli

Chris Sheldrake

Expanding its industry-leading analysis of the electronics value chain into the fast-growing media market, iSuppli Corp. today announced that it has entered into an agreement in principle with Screen Digest which is expected to lead to the acquisition of the company, the world’s preeminent provider of market research covering film, TV, broadband media, mobile media, cinema, home entertainment, TV technology, and video games.

While the financial terms of the acquisition are not public, Screen Digest and its wholly owned subsidiary Adams Media Research (AMR) would become part of iSuppli; the acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of 2010.

“The addition of Screen Digest’s vast range of Intelligence services would enable iSuppli to offer its clients the most complete understanding of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) value chain in the market research business today,” said Derek Lidow, President and Chief Executive Officer of iSuppli. “From raw materials, to electronic component and pricing, to end-markets trends and demand, iSuppli covers the entire electronics value chain. With this acquisition, iSuppli plans to marry its in-depth technology research to Screen Digest’s detailed analysis of media content, distribution and enabling platform trends for traditional and new media. Screen Digest’s strong London base would enhance the iSuppli analyst and sales presence in Europe and serve as a launching pad for the combined companies’ services. The highly-developed iSuppli sales and marketing organization on other parts of the globe, particularly in North America and in Asia, will be exercised to support the acquisition. Due to the exceptionally good fit between the two firms, no redundancies are expected on either side as a result of the acquisition which we believe will greatly enhance career opportunities for all involved.”

Screen Digest has been tracking global media markets for almost 40 years. Headquartered in London, the company employs a team of over 45 expert analysts, led by Ben Keen, Chief Analyst and Executive Director. The value of the Screen Digest corporate brand is widely recognized globally by major media concerns and as such will remain in place for the foreseeable future as will all current Screen Digest business practices.

The planned acquisition would include AMR, which is the U.S. media industry’s key source of market data and financial analysis on the film, television, video game and digital media markets. Founded by industry-renowned analyst Tom Adams in 1993, AMR was acquired by Screen Digest in 2007.

About Screen Digest

Screen Digest is the preeminent firm of industry analysts covering global media markets. Headquartered in London, with offices in Australia, Monterey and Los Angeles, Screen Digest employs a team of over 45 specialist analysts covering film, TV, broadband media, mobile media, cinema, home entertainment, media technology and video games. Screen Digest online services and reports provide the information and analysis upon which hundreds of media companies worldwide base their business decisions.

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