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Dynamic Digital Displays On Clear Surfaces

Gary Kayye and his team at rAVePubs were seemingly everywhere at #InfoComm2010 – for once outnumbering the DailyDOOH team at a show – and kindly handing out very nice t-shirts (which yours truly wore for part of day 1 and may well wear again today if it is not too smelly).

[1]Anyway they tweeted last night (Wednesday) “LIVE from #infocomm10: Day-1 results: Best Booth #christiedigital, Best New Product: #POLYCOM OTX, Best 3D: #Samsung, Best Freebie ice cream” and we respect Gary enough to think that was well worth repeating – even though we missed the ice cream by reading the tweet announcing it incorrectly!

The best game or best interactive offering at the show was easily the HomeWrecker [2] game on the Christie Digital stand – a truly inventive way to demonstrate technology – definitely well worth a visit and you can even win an iPod Touch [3].

The best (new) product we have seen with applicability to our industry is SuperImaging [4] with their Dynamic Digital Displays on Clear Surfaces – a product which is called MediaGlass [5]. They have a really tiny booth but go see what they do with a thin piece of film and an ultra violet projector and tell us that you cannot see this being used in retail shop windows or other places as a new display technology.

MediaGlass can be seen on booth N2946 and trust us it is well worth a look see.