#InfoComm2010 – BrightSign Booth N2460

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Synchronized multi-screen video walls and prize-redeeming kiosk and SKU-activated merchandising applications are all part of BrightSign’s booth where the company has teamed up with several content developer partners to demonstrate innovative digital signage applications.

The partner demonstrations reinforce BrightSign’s commitment to offering one-stop shopping for a broad range of turnkey digital signage solutions that are easy to use and affordably priced. Management claims that, when paired with one of BrightSign’s content developer partners for creative design through implementation, retailers, organizations and institutions can be certain that their messages will stand out from the crowd.

“InfoComm attendees have the opportunity to see how content developers are combining their creative talent with BrightSign players to deliver truly amazing displays with custom looping, multi-zone, synchronized and interactive playlists,” says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO. “Each partner, each demonstration is unique because it brings its own distinctive skill set and style to signage projects ranging from marketing to branding, retail and beyond. By combining its experience and creativity with the simplicity and reliability of BrightSign’s feature-rich, non-PC controllers, it can streamline deployment and have the confidence that its application integrates and displays beautifully.”

  • Celebrating over a decade of award-winning video production, funnelbox, Oregon City, Oregon, produces commercials, marketing videos, web videos, tradeshow videos and DOOH content for some of the world’s greatest brands. At the BrightSign booth, funnelbox is featuring 4K content that has been shot and produced to take advantage of a synchronized four-screen video wall run by four BrightSign HD210 players. Using the players’ synchronization support via Ethernet, the video is split into sections so each screen only shows the section of video that corresponds to its position on the video wall thereby creating an impressive very large single screen effect across the four displays.
  • Nearby is a two-screen synchronized HD video program developed for BrightSign by The CSI Group, Paramus, New Jersey. The CSI Group are experts in creating dynamic video content to attract attention while reinforcing brand messaging in both an entertaining and educational manner. This installation uses two synchronized screens driven by two BrightSign HD210 players. With the players’ support for full HD at 1080p resolution, this unique video wall stands out with stunning clarity and appeal.
  • Direct Mail USA, a full-service marketing production company based in St. Louis, Missouri, is demonstrating an in-store kiosk featuring its interactive Prize Wheel application running on a BrightSign HD1010 controller. As part of a complete marketing/promotional program that includes direct mail, customers are provided with a mail piece that has a barcode on it for redeeming a prize. When the customer scans the mail piece’s barcode at an in-store kiosk, the BrightSign controller initiates the spinning of the animated video prize wheel which will land on a prize or a store discount for that customer. Designed to increase store traffic and brand or product awareness while making promotions fun for consumers, the application lets the retailer set the odds as well as the types and quantity of prizes or coupons. Direct Mail USA’s Prize Wheel application can be customized to meet the specific needs of retailers and other organizations.
  • Imaculix GmbH, a Zurich-based multimedia production house, is demonstrating the in-store interactive kiosk it developed for MBT, manufacturer of the revolutionary MBT footware. Driven by a BrightSign HD1010 controller, the kiosk uses Radio Frequency Identification and touchscreen interactivity to showcase the many pro-body benefits of the footware. With the display, when a customer picks up an RFID-tagged shoe, the controller initiates playback of a video describing the footware. Customers can also use the BrightSign-driven interactive touchscreen to select a shoe model and learn more, such as what celebrities are wearing it. Currently available in English, German, Italian and Dutch with more languages to follow, the technology for the entire touchscreen application was developed by Imaculix and the overall retail solution, such as the touchscreen wall for the ‘shop in shop’ installation and the standalone touchscreen tower was designed, developed and executed by Retail United.

BrightSign management says that using its solid-state digital signage and kiosk controllers to drive these high-definition displays, content developers can provide their customers with signage solutions that are more affordable than PC-based solutions. With no moving parts to fail, the controllers are more reliable and provide a significant savings in maintenance costs. They’re also easier to deploy, manage and update, and only require a fraction of the power used by PC-based systems, so offer a substantial savings in energy costs. Designed for scalability, users can start with a stand-alone solution and can cost-effectively move up to a networked system when they’re ready.

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