NEC Best Of #InfoComm2010 Award

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations to SpinetiX who were just announced winner of NEC Best of #Infocomm10 award. We heard off the record that four of the five judges opted for this as the clear winner.

Who ate all the pies?

It’s an interesting choice as a winner and we think says more about the poor quality of the finalists in general as opposed to SpinetiX in all seriousness having the best product on show.

As we wrote last week “The HMP100 is a nice little SMIL player, but is still plagued with all the typical problems of an embedded system whilst retaining the cost of a PC-based player and software.”

The HMP100 is something like GBP 650 trade and GBP 1055 MSRP – Gefen were quoting USD 1599 for their be-badged version at the show. That’s a lot of markup either way and we are sure some will sell for less but no two ways about it this is an expensive product.

Bottom line: it’s a nice little box but how they are best in show with the same box, same software and same booth as last year, we don’t really know.

5 Responses to “NEC Best Of #InfoComm2010 Award”

  1. Avi Says:

    What’s with the caption under the picture? “Who ate all the pies”? Adrian you have no class.

  2. J Woolsey Says:

    I agree with AVI, really don’t care for the caption, even if you don’t agree with the winner! Really what are you thinking?

    J Woolsey CEO Visual Motivations.

  3. R sommers Says:

    What do you have against this company. Every post you makeis negative but you like the oem versions.

    Did they do something to you personaly?

  4. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Mr Sommers. Far from it. SpinetiX has been on our radar screen for some time and we have given them a huge amount of publicity -before ISE back in Feb 2009 we hyped (geddit?) their player. SpinetiX have been good to us too – being the preeminent supplier of stuff (lovely chocolate usually) for our Blogger Lounge Goodie Bags.

    Regular readers will know that we call it as we see it – SpinetiX have to justify having a “Tiny box. Big pricetag” – it’s a nice product (and how many times do we have to say that) but it is far too expensive to make an impact on the market.

    BTW Google ‘best of infocomm2010’

  5. Avi Tal Says:

    I’ve actually been evaluating this product as of late and if it can handle all the intensive flash and multiple zones smoothly, then I don’t see how it has an expensive price tag. Remember, the license is included, so for $1300 USD which is what it’s going for, you get a computer in a “Tiny Box”, which a good Nexcom fanless system would cost around 900. So consider a $400 price for the license, which is what an average SAAS model costs a year, and I would say you come out winning. Look at C-Nario prices for their media players, and then add the license cost, and then compare.

    I guess it all comes down to whether or not the software and platform is good. But in terms of hardware, it seems fair to me. Is there something out there I’m not aware of?

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