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#dsj2010 – Vanten’s Use Of MicroTiles

Vanten made extensive use of a number of MicroTiles at last week’s Digital Signage Japan event in Chiba.

Here’s a snapshot of each piece of content we did followed by a brief description…

  1. Social media scramble. Official #dsj2010 tweets, replies and mentions, all tweets related to the DSJ show; messages mailed in by cell phone; and announcements from the show organizers.
  2. Time announcements on the hour were provided by Booth Ladies around the show. The paper clock was pretty analog, but the content management by Vanten’s EngageMedia plaform was decidedly digital. Virtual time announce slots were pre-arranged, so the photos could be shot on-site and uploaded on the fly. No need to worry about exactly how many photos we get for each hour. The software automatically slideshows through the photos available for each designated hour.
  3. YouTube sensation Magibon (most all-time viewed channel in Japan in early 2009 with over 60 million views) joined Vanten in getting lots of fresh and fun content on DSJ Vision during the show. Magibon roamed the show posing for photos with her fans. The photos were then uploaded on the fly into EngageMedia, and combined with one of seven pre-recorded videos of magibon and a catchy comment. The result was Magibon looking with different expressions (hilarious, happy, confused, etc) at the photo while her comment appears as a thought bubble. Fans were seen chasing down Magibon for a photo shoot, then chasing down one of the roughly 20 DSJ vision displays for a chance to see themselves!
  4. Even Yodobi-chan, the star character on the Yodobi media in Tokyo and Osaka took time out of her busy cyber-schedule to appear on DSJ vision
  5. Kyodo News. Three separate news feeds showed general news, sports news, and World Cup special news.
  6. More Booth ladiescan you ever have enough Booth ladies and don’t you just love those socks? Ed – around the show got the chance to plug their booth and strut their stuff on DSJ vision. This was another very hot piece of
    content and probably generated the most buzz next to Twitter on DSJ
    Vision. Again photos uploaded on the fly through EngageMedia.

Digital Signage Japan attracted 131,771 people between June 9 and June 11 in Chiba, Japan.