#InfoComm2010 – Tweet Stats

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our usual post show report has gone off to the organisers of #InfoComm2010 and we thought we’d share some of the twitter data with you (as we did with #dse2010, #KioskCom, #ScreenMediaExpo etc etc.).

The total number of Twitter impressions was an incredibly impressive 3,055,553 (yes three million fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty three!!)

It’s difficult to compare an event with 32,003 attendees with the #ScreenMediaExpo, #KioskCom and #dse2010’s that have 2,000 to 3,000 attendees but for what it’s worth the list for comparison goes something like this: –

If you are an event organiser then the two Twitter League Tables shown below should be very interesting in their own right – the folks listed in each table are clearly some of the events biggest fans. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it may well be in the event’s interest to focus on them a little and help them (to help you) spread the message about the show.

As such each Twitter League table should be an interesting read…

Top Ten Twitterers

1 InfoComm 262
2 AVwriter 193
3 ravepubs 189
4 DailyDOOH 181
5 GreenA_V 119
6 omnimount 98
7 GrimesProAV 87
8 AVJessica 75
9 insteo 66
10 eurocom_av 64

(Name and Number of Tweets respectively of course)

… there are of course differences between the number of tweets and the number of impressions based on how many followers the Twitter account has…

Top Ten Twitter Impressions

1 InfoComm 334,987
2 GreenA_V 325,436
3 ravepubs 265,845
4 DailyDOOH 205,636
5 CrestronHQ 152,429
6 AVwriter 132,044
7 telepresence 71,540
8 lifesizehd 52,477
9 omnimount 52,089
10 GrimesProAV 45,283

(Name and number of impressions respectively of course)

Note that GreenA_V is 5th in the number of tweets list but much higher up in 2nd place when judged on the number of impressions (it has at the latest count 2,786 followers) whereas InfoComm (the top twitter account in both tables) has 1,461.

In our calculations the more followers you have the better the number of impressions you can calculate.

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