Human Messaging Systems?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Blimey! we have heard ‘wearable media’ called many things before but NEVER described as a ‘human messaging system’.

The experiential and guerrilla marketing agency Kommando who, to be fair, were mainly responsible for introducing wearable media to Europe back in 2002 (when they were one of the Pixman Nomadic Media VARs) have just launched what they describe as a new ‘Generation 2’ NomadiX human messaging system (which can be seen to the right here).

Launched at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (which is a funny coincidence because way back in the mists of time the very original Pixman system was built for the Toronto International Film Festival) it made its first appearance at the festival’s exclusive VIP guest opening night held last week.

Unfortunately the Kommando press release is full of far too many superlatives; we get the usual claim of a “patent pending design” and a ridiculous “NomadiX has been engineered to integrate military grade technology with bio-physics and F1 technology design details” – it’s a strap on screen for heaven’s sake!!

Nor do we think that Kommando are being particularly honest in their press release; “Generation 1 NomadiX technology launched five years ago at the Montreal Film Festival has grown and created stand-out for some of Kommando’s largest blue-chip clients” – unless we are very much mistaken (and as always, we are happy to be corrected) surely whatever Kommando used to use was Pixman Nomadic technology NOT some form of ‘Generation 1 NomadIX” ?

Kommando tell us that their next stop is Shanghai for the 2010 Global Expo where the NomadiX screens will provide a crucial part of the Scottish contributions including the visit of First Minister Alex Salmond.

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  1. Louise Says:

    We apologise for the misprint which should have included Pixman in place of Nomadix at Montreal. Kommando have always packaged wearable media and Human messaging systems as “Nomadix Media”. Now that Pixman is no more, this kommando owned system is the 2nd generation of our companies wearable media portfolio. We apologise for any confusion caused.

    As for the less than constructive comments by Adrian on the kit itself. Anyone out there is welcome to ask questions on the equipment and it will become quite clear how detailed this equipment is to reduce weight below 10kgs and incorporate military grade hardware to ensure strength through its design. The system, apart from looped or streamed advertising has the likes of I pad compatibility, Wii Gaming, 3G connection and EPOS plug and play and utilises LED, sunlight readable screen technology with long life lithium battery power and HI FI sound. Nomadix Media systems remains the worlds dominant force in interactive roaming media systems and this latest generation will be available to view at the Shanghai Expo from the 1st July to the 7th of July 2010 at the UK Building. World wide territory license agreements are available now with exclusive rights, please contact for details.

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