EYE Launches Mobile Proximity Marketing Network

Chris Sheldrake

Interesting news yesterday that Out-of-Home mall media specialist, EYE, has partnered with Ace Marketing & Promotions to launch a Mobile Proximity Marketing Network across EYE’s digital Eyelite units.

Eye Shop Sr. Vice President, Jeff Gunderman told us “Mobile Proximity Marketing gives EYE the opportunity to make our advertisements interactive and offer clients reporting about the engagement rates of consumers with their ads. True ROI reporting will enhance the value of advertising in the mall space. It is a fantastic complement to the existing advertising medium.”

With Ace’s technology, advertisers can of course reach on-the-go shoppers via their mobile devices.

Advertisers are we are told, guaranteed an excellent reach rate in the mall environment as the technology is embedded in the digital Eyelite units strategically placed in high traffic, high dwell-time areas of the mall, including entrance, food court and escalator locations.

The product is available via EYE’s digital mall network in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado and Arizona. The technology will also be installed in all digital units at the new Santa Monica Place, reopening in August 2010. EYE also plans to incorporate it in additional malls across the country.

Dean Julia, Ace CEO explained “We have had great success with this technology with a wide range of past clients such as Macy’s. Collectively, the 10 malls in this initial rollout represent approximately 10 million consumer visits per month. That gives us a tremendous opportunity to deliver relevant adverting content. As we continue to roll out in additional malls throughout EYE’s portfolio, we feel this partnership can create a national advertising network that can rival any other advertising medium available.”

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