World’s Largest DVD Kiosk TV Network

Chris Sheldrake

Described as “the Worlds Largest DVD Kiosk TV Network!” <sic> the owners (DVDKioskTV is a division of Pulse Interactive Kiosks, LLC) tell us “We have joined the DVD Rental Kiosk and the Digital Out of Home advertising market”

Evidently they have 1000 TVs on top of DVD Kiosks in the USA in Grocery, C-Store, College Campuses and Fitness Centers.

Looks like they are running Movie Trailers and selling the advertising running in between and they may indeed get 500 millions shoppers a year with over 19 million impressions a month.

They have also we believe signed partnerships with leading Adcentricity, rVue, NECs Vukunet, and DoMedia, who are helping them place ads in between the movie trailers.

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