Expose Yourself!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We love this, absolutely love it. You wouldn’t believe how many times we have recommended to music providers that they should do this sort of thing, as my business partner and tech-guru Jorge said when we showed it to him “You mean exposing information about your operations, for free, without a prior requirement from a customer?”

Here we see Ecast simply showing what music is hot in its Bars and Nightclubs!

This is basically a ranking of new music played across the Ecast broadband media network – Ecast tell us that this month for example they can see that “it shows that bar audiences are in tune with the newest music trends and styles but still enjoy the classics”

Coming in at number one on the July Ecast® BarPulse™ is rapper and entertainer David Banner with his hit track “Get Like Me”, taking the second most played spot is LL Cool J with his latest single “Baby” and the next two spots on this month’s BarPulse go to the soundtrack from the hit summer movie “Mamma Mia!”

This is relatively easy to do, it’s interesting, it can be newsworthy (as we see here) and more music networks should go about doing it.

BarPulse is a trademark of Ecast, Inc.

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