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Largest Network In Cyprus

Powered by Scala [1] this is quite easily the largest digital signage network ever built in Cyprus…
It comprises more than 330 LCD screens and just over 40 x Players running Scala 5.

We understand that all of the media distribution accross the airport is done via Minicom Digital Signage’s DS Vision 3000 infrastructure [2] running up to 600m full HD. Scala players are placed in a secured, climatized room where they belong to be safe and to reduce OPEX and TCO.

What is interesting here from a Scala perspective is that Scala are not normally known for being able to deploy synchronised solutions but here one can see that they have done that and have done quite a good job.

Rumour was years ago that Scala only lost out to C-nario on the JFK Airport solution becuause of that fact. Scala of course continue to sell themselves short – making little or no mention of the fact that they can meet challenges like that (that capability is also very popular of course on DEPs).

Talking of C-nario, they are are most definitely one of those software vendors that has recently gone missing in action; no-one we know seems to have come up against them on any deals in Europe – rumour is that they are looking at Russia as a new playground. Let’s hope they have better luck there.